354 (Dover) Squadron
Royal Air Force Air Cadets

Air Cadets

There are 43,000 Royal Air Force Air Cadets across the UK. As an inclusive and diverse organisation, we welcome all people and each has their own reasons for joining and their own stories to tell about life with the cadets.

Cadet life is all about challenge, excitement and adventure. Cadets have many opportunities including UK and overseas camps, leadership courses, air experience flights and pilot training. The focus is always on enjoying yourself while improving your skill.

Adult Volunteers

Our 10,000 adult volunteers help us keep things running safely and smoothly. They support our squadrons around the UK with admin, training, wellbeing and much more. All volunteers also have opportunities to develop their own skills and qualifications.

Adult volunteers play a vital role in all aspects of RAF cadet life. From organising activities, encouraging and educating cadets of helping the squadron run smoothly. There's also opportunities for volunteers to develop their own skills and leadership qualities.

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